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Repair system for the cement- and solvent-free repair of injuries on radial tube-type and tubeless tyres for one-step vulcanizing systems.

 M-RCF repair patches, series 400 (11)
  • Repair patches for durable repairs to radial car and truck tyres
  • Cementless application with extra high green-tack
  • Pre-warming of the patch to 60°C before installation substitutes the application of vulcanizing cement inside the tyre
  • Modular construction = less sizes for a wide coverage of damages
  • Specialized for one-step vulcanization process in retreading, or mold-systems
  • When used inside ARC system (without inner cover), apply RCF SEALER PLUS before vulcanization
  • Application with retreading cement possible, no pre-warming of the patch necessary

Accessory for M-RCF patch-system:

  • Pre-Heating Box for M-RCF patches
  • Fixed temperature of 60 °C (140 °F) and timer for selected heating time
  • With optical information when heating time and optimum temperature is reached

 Accessories - RCF (Repairs Customer Friendly) (9)
  • RCF stands for "Repairs Customer Friendly" and is part of the Green & Clever Technology developed by REMA TIP TOP
  • Completely solvent-free products
  • Avoids work-related health or enviromental hazards caused by solvents
  • Solvent-free alternative!
 M-RCF Starter kit (1)

Starter kit for the tyre repair with M-RCF repair patches in the ARC-system.