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Wear Protection Lining >> REMALINE High-quality rubber lining material >> REMALINE 35
High-quality rubber lining material

Premium quality for wet wear and build-up

REMALINE 35 features excellent resistance to wet abrasive and sharp particles. The properties of REMALINE 35 make it the optimum rubber lining for sand and gravel industry equipment as well as in the glass industry. REMALINE 35 lining has also proven valuable with sticky material such as loam and clay.

  • Highly wear-resistant, especially resistant to wet abrasion
  • Safe protection against material build-up
  • Highly elastic
  • Excellent self-cleaning capability
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion
  • Slurry handling
  • Lining of slurry chutes, pipes, pumps, hydrocyclones, flotation cells, tanks and launders for example in the sand and gravel industry
  • Chutes / discharge hoses for readymixed concrete
  • Lining of excavator buckets to prevent caking
Polymer basisNRDIN ISO 1629
Specific weight0.96 g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness33 Shore ADIN ISO 7619-1