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The unique WK VULCANIZING SYSTEM combines the benefits of general hot splicing systems yet reduces vulcanizing time considerably. Compared to traditional hot vulcanizing presses, the WK vulcanizing presses is smaller, lighter and consumes less energy. The WK VULCANIZING SYSTEM is the ideal solution when it comes to safe and cost-efficient splicing of fabric-reinforced conveyor belts with low and medium tensile strengths.

  • Belt-friendly, low-temperature vulcanization (approx. 120 °C / 230 °F)
  • Short warm-up intervals
  • Short vulcanization periods
  • Short cooling time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Consists of only 4 components: Top / bottom press body, pressure compensation pad, torque wrench
  • Suitable for splicing geometries of 0°/ 16°/ 22°

Splicing of single or multi-ply conveyor belts with fabric plies up to belt type EP 1250/5 (DIN 22102) and rubber covers with polymer base:

  • Natural Rubber NR
  • Styrene Butadiene Rubber SBR
  • Isoprene Rubber IR
  • Butadiene Rubber BR
  • Or other blends of the above rubbers, e.g. NR/SBR
  • Belt widths: WK 800 for belt widths up to 800 mm; WK 1 200 for belt widths up to 1 200 mm

 WK intermediate rubber (tie gum) (1)
Red protection foil (poly).
Polymer basisNR/SBRDIN ISO 1629
Specific weight1.08 g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness59 Shore ADIN ISO 7619-1
 WK cover rubber (cover stock) (1)
Red protection foil (poly).
Polymer basisNRDIN ISO 1629
Specific weight1.11 g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness63 Shore ADIN ISO 7619-1
 SOLUTION HL-WK4 plus (1)

1C product- no hardener needed