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Adhesives and Rubber Solutions >> Self-vulcanising repair systems >> FIXPASTE REMAREP ULTRA 10

REMAREP ULTRA 10 is a two-component polyurethane repair compound consisting of solvent-free and UV radiation resistant Polyurethane. Minor damage to conveyor belts or rubber components can be repaired easily and ultra-fast. With the REMAREP ULTRA 10 cartridge guns the repair compound can be applied easily and cleanly. After 15 minutes, the hardness is 65 Shore A, after 60 minutes the conveyor belt or component can be used again. The red Color helps identifying the Damage and indicates the condition of the belt.

  • Very short curing time
  • Rapid increase in hardness
  • Good adhesion properties on rubber surfaces
  • Red Signal Color 
  • Particulary resistant to abrasion
  • Excellent oil and diesel fuel resistance properties
  • Moderate resistance against chemicals
  • Simple handling with the help of the REMAREP ULTRA 10 cartridge guns
  • No mixing required prior to application
  • Application on inclined and vertical surfaces possible
  • Material remains usable up to 30 days after opening

  • Repair of damage to cover plates and longitudinal rips in conveyor belts
  • Temporary sealing of perforations on conveyor belts
  • For filling of joints in rubber linings
  • Cosmetic repairs to PU, PVC and elastomer components


The drying time depends on the ambient temperature and can be accelerated by means of additional heat considerably.

Polymer basisPUDIN ISO 1629
Specific weight1.08 g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Hardness60 Shore ADIN ISO 7619-1