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REMATRACK - Centering stations allow a continuous belt steering and corrections of the conveyor belt run. REMATRACK ensures that the conveyor belt is always centered in the idler, thus avoiding damage caused by misalignment of the conveyor belt.

Type REMATRACK OT is intended for use in the upper strand
Type REMATRACK UT is intended for use in the lower strand

  • Very robust steel construction
  • Basic frame is infinitely extendable
  • Two-sided clamping unit allow very precise adjustment of the REMATRACK
  • The central axis of Rotation is provided with 2 Z bearings and double sealing to ensure the rotation function permanently
  • Rotary movement of the support roller carrier is structurally limited to +/- 30 °
  • Idlers with robust Z bearings and shaft seals; Steel sheath thickness 6 mm
  • For type OT, the idlers have 4 Z bearings each to carry the highest load permanently
  • Idlers are coated (hot-casting process) with abrasion-resistant PUR for a particularly long service life
  • Idlers are secured against falling out
  • Available for belt widths from 500 mm up to 1 400 mm 
  • Operating temperatures up to 70°C and belt speeds up to 4.5 m/s

  • REMATRACK is suitable for all conveyor systems with a misalignment of the conveyor belt due to off-centric loading, sedimentation or wind
  • Standard version: Idlers with red polyurethane
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