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 Stitchers (18)

Manual Driven Roller (MDR) for the application on fabric conveyor belt splicing.

  • Reduced effort due to easy-running needle bearings
  • Defined contact pressure over a torque wrench
  • Optimized role design
  • All components resistant to corrosion due to red and black coating
  • With the retrofit kit all older mechanical double acting rollers can be upgraded with little effort with smooth-running needle bearings


The world's first Electric Driven Roller (EDR) for the application on fabric conveyor belt splicing developed and designed by REMA TIP TOP

  • Constant contact pressure over the entire bonding surface and belt width
  • Equilibrium speed in forward and reverse motion leads to a homogeneous liability at each point of the splicing
  • Defined contact pressure with a torque wrench
  • Profiled drive wheel to avoid slip

 KST Scraper (1)
For even pressing of uncured rubber sheets.
 Spatula (1)
 Knives (24)
 Side nippers (3)
For piano wire. DIN 5238. Type A. Grade H. Chrome vanadium, polished chrome plating.
 Rubber mallet (1)
 Engineer's hammer and cross ring wrench (3)
 Screwdriver (1)
 Brushes (5)
Special high-quality brushes for applying primers and adhesives containing solvents.
 Hand brush (1)
 Wire brush (1)
 Hand rasp (2)
For manual buffing of rubber surfaces.
 Tool box (1)
  • With riveted joints
  • Large fully pulled out drawers
  • High level of stability
  • Double-seamed edges
  • Lockable with padlock
  • Red powder coated
  • Made of galvanized sheet steel
  • W x D x H: 540 x 210 x 200 mm
 Tool bag (1)

Real leather, black grained. Bag body reinforced with aluminium corners, stoppers, full-format front pocket, ring tabs, tool holders on front and back walls up to Ø 16/26 mm. Tool bag without contents.

 Tool roll bag (1)

Real leather, black grained.
Tool bag without contents.