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Article number: 5959460 REMAPRESS IVE AIR 650-600
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REMAPRESS for hot vulcanising

The vulcanizing presses REMAPRESS IVE AIR with pressure bags certified by German TÜV and heating plates with silicone heating mats developed by REMA TIP TOP impress with highest quality features and application-oriented design. They are suitable for all common fabric conveyor belts.


  • Rotable carrying handle for crossbeams and heating plates
  • Equal surface pressure over the complete splicing due to REMA TIP TOP pressure bag certified by German TÜV
  • Pressure bag with aramid inlays meets highest safety standards
  • 20% less deflection of crossbeams
  • 20% less liquid requirement, therefore faster build-up of pressure than comparable presses from market competitors
  • Tension bolt threads protected against damage
  • Despite being made of high-strength steel, the tension bolts weigh 2kg less apiece than conventional steel tension bolts
  • Tension bolts sealed up and that way protected against soiling
  • Lightweight, high-strength pressure distribution sheet made of aluminium
  • Optional pressure water system for pressures up to 140 N/cm² (200 Psi)
  • CE-, CSA- and UL-certified electronics
  • Heating plate connection, protection class IP 64 certified by German TÜV
  • Optimized monitoring of temperature difference
  • Available for voltages from 230 to 600 Volt
  • Control cabinet, protection class IP 64
  • Optional data recording within control cabinet, data export via USB interface
  • Usable in admissable ambient temperature from -20°C to +55°C
  • Distinct colours for pressure hoses (red/black) and cooling water hoses (blue/white)
  • Silicone heating mat with vulcanized-on intermediate plate
  • Transport-proof, plugable connection cable

For belt width 650 mm
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